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Hello everyone and welcome to our Corona resource centre!

This is our definitive list of Corona tutorials, samples and templates found over the internet. was a great place to go to for all of your tutorial needs, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to get updated that often and has a lot of dead links in. Therefore we took it upon ourselves to clean the list and add other tutorials that we found on the internet. This is by no means a full list of all available tutorials and sample code, but it’s a start!

Remember Control+F or search is your friend!

If you know of a great tutorial that should be added to the list then please feel free to head over to our contact us page and drop us a message. We will hopefully be updating and editing this list every few days so we should be able to keep on top of all the requests :)

The 5 Most Recently Added Links 

First Stop – CoronaLabs Guides

T and G Apps Tutorials and Templates

Glitch Games Libraries – Speed up your development! 

Below are the links to the free GitHub files, but if you like them then please support Glitch Games by buying them on their site or by buying one of their apps!

Graphics 2.0 Tutorials

CoronaLabs Lessons

CoronaLabs Video Tutorials. 

Please bear in mind that some of the videos are outdated now. If you feel like they aren’t relevant any longer then please let me know.

CoronaLabs Plugin Tutorials and Info

This is a brand new section that we will be adding to over time, so remember to check back!

Mark Falkland Beginner Video Tutorials

A great 14 part tutorial series going through a sidescroller game step by step. The second tutorial series is for complete beginners and is 4 parts long.

Misc Corona SDK Libraries

Misc Corona SDK Tutorials

Lua – Resources (Not Corona Based)

Lua – Branching Out (Not Corona Based)

Corona SDK Tutorials by Rafael Hernandez [Youtube]

Corona Tutorials by Mobiletuts+

Rob Miracle

Ardent Kid

Ray Wenderlich

Ludicrous Software Articles

OZ Apps Articles

Cutemachine Tutorials

Game Dev Nation: Corona Tips and Tutorials

Burton’s Media Group Lessons

iDeveloper Tutorial Articles

Sample Code

And thats the end of the list! Once again if you have any tutorials that you think should be added please contact us and we will add it to the list. We will also be having a complete website overhaul in the next few weeks and we will then have a dedicated resource centre for all your Corona needs.Thanks for popping by.

Jamie and Dan.

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  1. Marin says:

    This isn’t great, this is just amazing! Thank you so very much for this really comprehensive list. Please keep it up, this is Corona SDK BIBLE!

  2. JamieT says:

    Thanks Marin :)

    If you think anything else should be added, just let us know!

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