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Product Description

Breakfinity is an extremely addictive and popular app on the AppStores. Based on the old brick breaker games, they re-invented the genre with a new never ending gameplay feature. Now you can make your very own thanks to this template! Please note that you must change the name and graphics before publishing to the store.

This template hasn’t been updated in a long time. Features such as social sharing and Ads may no longer work correctly with newer versions of Corona.

The aim of the game is very similar to the old brick breaker games, destroy the bricks, collect power ups and reach your highest score. Mixed with the new never ending game play mechanic it makes it a very hard game to put down. This template is slightly different from how we usually do things, instead of multiple scenes we’ve stuck to one gameplay scene, with the menus controlled by a simple menu.lua file. The template is fully commented, easy to understand and build upon. Features include:

– Never ending gameplay

– Easy addition of new levels in the levels.lua file

– Includes 15 levels, with three levels styles each (colour schemes etc)

– 3 types of bricks; normal, gems and bricks with multiple lives

– High-score and gem collection system

– Three power ups to make the game more exciting

– Defense shield as a final line of defense

– Upgrade page for improving your power-ups

– Settings page to control touch sensitivity and sound on/off

– Spend gems to get an extra ball during gameplay

– Vungle videos Ads to get 5 extra gems free

– Basic Facebook and Twitter sharing via the social sharing plugin (Native Facebook for Android)

– Sounds effects

– Setup for Composer, but currently it doesn’t need to change scenes

With this template you can have your own features, levels and power-ups added in no time. For a few ideas you could add in new power-ups such as “slow down”, “speed up”, “multi-ball” and a variety of others. Take a look at some of the older retro brick breaker games for more inspiration. The code was written in Lua for CoronaSDK version 2014.2189a and the download includes the full source code, images and sounds. If the code doesn’t run on your version of Corona then i would suggest upgrading to a newer version. Please note that Vungle video Ads require you to have a user account along with an application setup on there online portal. You will need that application ID to receive Ads and they will only work on a real device. You can enter this ID in the globals.lua file.

Take a look at the below video to see what the template will provide you with. The video doesn’t have any sound, but the template does! Also as noted above, Vungle video ads do not work in the simulator and therefore aren’t shown in the below video.

If you have already purchased a template from us, you are entitled to a retuning customer discount of 20%. Simply drop us an email with your name and email you used to purchase a template and we will send you a discount code as soon as possible.

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The products on this store are no longer actively maintained. If you do purchase a product, expect to make modifications to get the templates working with newer versions of Corona.