Flying Fish

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Product Description

Flying Fish is a simple template but provides the base for a great little game if expanded upon. Currently it comprises of a “tap to jump” mechanic combined with various boosts located throughout the game to get your fish moving! You could easily add extra boosts/land mines and enemies to make this is a fun game. Features include:

- Power Meter

- Scoring system

- Parallax scrolling

- Collision system

- Randomly spawned Boosts and clouds

- Multi-platform

- STORYBOARD for screen transitions.

Using the included code you could easily add enemy characters who spawn randomly through the level, or even land mines to blow your character forward! The collision system is very simple and can easily be adapted for multiple game mechanics. The code was written in Lua for CoronaSDK version 2014.2100 and the download includes the full source code, images, sounds and PSD files (there aren’t very many image/psd files for this template). The code is fully commented and if you have any particular questions about a bit you don’t understand i’d be more than happy to explain.

If the code doesn’t run on your version of Corona then i would suggest upgrading to a newer version.

Check out the video below to see what this template will provide you with! The video doesn’t have any sound, but the template does use sound effects and background music.

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