Top-Down Shooter

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Product Description

This is our Top-Down Shooter or “Crimsonland” Template as i like to call it (has anyone played that game? It’s great!). This template will show you how to make a moving and bounded playing area for your character to run around in causing havoc. Easy to build upon, you should have a full game made in no time with this template! Features include:

– Movable playing area

– Bounded sides to stop you going too far

– Enemy spawn and movement system

– Joystick and firing system

– Health/points and ammo system

– Power-ups to either make your weapon better or to heal your player

– Collisions WITHOUT using the physics engine

– Load/save your highest score

– STORYBOARD example for screen transitions.

You may recognise the enemies from our tower defense template and to make life easier we used them again! Credit goes to Silviu for originally creating the images.

The code was written in Lua for CoronaSDK version 2014.2100 and the download includes the full source code, images and PSD files. The code is fully commented and if you have any particular questions about a bit you don’t understand i’d be more than happy to explain. If the code doesn’t run on your version of Corona then i would suggest upgrading to a newer version.

Check out the video below to see what this template will provide you with! Sorry for the poor quality/lack of sound in this video, i was having some recording issues!

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